Our Story

ReSupply is a Veteran founded and owned organization that got it’s start on a military base in Georgia back in 2015 with one simple mission, Giving Made Simple. Military families move a lot, and while serving in the US Army, our Founder Paul Tocci saw that military families on the base had a hard time moving their things when it came time to go to their next assignment.  With a little help, Paul began partnering up with local moving companies to keep these items out of our landfills, and instead he ReSupplied them to local charities. 

Our Mission

ReSupply is a on a mission to reinvent and forever change the supply-chain of charitable contributions within the US. As a team of civilians and former military Veteran operations and logistics specialists, we know what it takes to get the right stuff to the right place – and even more personally – we know the impact that new supplies can have. We provide integrated logistics technology and services for vision-aligned Charities, Donors, and Drivers to simplify the transportation and transformation of physical goods into charitable aid.

Giving Made Simple!

Veterans at ReSupply

ReSupply has participated for years in a Military transition program for Military personnel transitioning from active duty into civilian life of which hundreds of Veterans have come through the program. Our service members have helped shape our culture and are an integral part of serving our Charities and Donors everyday, one donation pickup at a time. 

Meet some of our full time graduates below!

Paul Tocci,
CEO & Founder

Teddy Griffin,
Sr. Director of Customer Success

Nick Gonzalez,
Sr. Director of Operations

Grace Kiley,
Account Manager

Kathleen Huntsman,
Sr. Customer Success Manager

Daniel Dulay,
Donor Support Manager

Matt Hernandez,
Enterprise Account Manager

Josh Bell,
Donor Specialist

Thai Hallam,
Driver Support Manager

Brent Bethel,
Driver Account Executive

Charles Appleby,
Charity Partnerships Manager

Mission: Revolutionize Charitable Giving.